Tell Your Business Associates About Master Minds Join As a Group

"Your life is a direct reflection of the expectations of your peer group" Tony Robbins


If you are already convinced that MasterMind is a great fit for your future, you might want to invite some of your associates to join in the same group you will participate in. Whether it is just you or your group, here is how your MasterMind group is set up. 


Each group is composed of a maximum of 12 people. In addition, the meetings will be facilitated by Randy Kirk, business consultant, and Craig Korotko, business coach. The twelve individual members will share the following attributes:



  1. A desire to improve themselves and their business or professional life.

  2. They are self employed, a 1099, or hold an executive position. 

  3. They have the skills, knowledge, experience, and/or education to make the a great contributor.

  4. They are eager and willing to help others in the group to excel.

  5. They are prepared to be committed to attendance.


The group will meet once each month for four hours, most likely from 8:00 - 12:00 a.m. The specific time and location of each group may vary based on the group's vote.

Each month, one of the 12 members will be on the hot seat for 2.5 hours of the4 hour meeting. During this time they will be able to bring to the group whatever issues, problems, goals, plans, new ideas, products, etc. that they would like the group to help with. These issues can be business or personal. The rest of the group will brainstorm each issue and give direct, honest, sometimes tough advice and direction.

Two weeks prior to each meeting, Craig and Randy will meet with the individual who will be on the hot seat. During that meeting, they will provide tools and helps that will provide the hot seat member with plenty of ideas for maximizing the benefits of the upcoming meeting.

After the hot seat presentation, there will be 45 minutes for mini hot seats. These will be approximately 10 minute slots for other members to bring up issues that can't wait until their time in the main hot seat. It is best to request time prior to the meeting if you want to have a mini hot seat.

The last 45 minutes will be devoted to follow up and accountability. Members will be encouraged to bring up past goals, promises, resolutions, and commitments to see how these are working out.


When the meeting is over, the attending members will be split into groups of three and those groups will meet for an hour either immediately after the meeting or sometime before the next meeting. This time will be devoted to learning more about the other group members' businesses and to develop closer relationships of trust and appreciation.

Also, between each meeting Craig or Randy will meet with each member for a one hour, one-on-one. These will be consulting sessions devoted to whatever the member would like to discuss.


It is not unusual for MasterMind groups like this to charge $1000 or more per meeting. Craig and I have determined that we would like to make this affordable for anyone who needs it. Therefore the total cost will be $200 per month. If you are not able to afford $200 a month, but feel MasterMind is the way to go for you, please call Randy Kirk at 310-910-1848 to discuss a potential phase in plan. Also, check out this amazing way to save $250 a month in your current personal budget, freeing up the funds for MasterMind.


If you are interested in participating in one of the groups that are now forming, please understand that they are by invitation only. The invitation will be extended based on information you provide us in your application and in follow up discussions with you. Please email to request an application. If you have questions, please feel free to call Randy Kirk at 310-910-1848